The Suites

Finding the right accommodation to help you feel at home in a new city can be difficult. At Kantari Suites, our spacious, secure, and luxurious apartments are suited to your everyday needs and fully equipped to cater to long-term stays for individuals, couples, and families.

Ranging from one-bedroom to two-, and three-bedroom apartments, residents can enjoy the comforts of home along with the added amenities and services that make it that much more better than home.

Kantari Suites is the home of choice for guests from all over the world. Whether for corporate or personal needs, we give our tenants the residential experience they need to feel comfortable, welcome, and settled.



Ideal for the individual or a couple who prefer a cozy and serene set up to their home.

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Complete with amenities that complement a busy lifestyle.

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Ideal for families who seek the luxury and comfort of added space.

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